CareConnectPSS represents Sanofi Genzyme’s more than 25-year commitment to supporting the rare disease community. This commitment includes building collaborative partnerships with patients, caregivers, and family members to help overcome challenges related to living with a rare disease.
One-on-one support
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Learn about how your CareConnectPSS Case Manager and Patient Education Liaisons are here to help you.

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Access a range of information and assistance tailored to your specific needs as well as additional disease-specific resources.

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Our personalized assistance and related programs are free, voluntary, and confidential to ensure support for your individual needs.

About CareConnectPSS: Personalized patient support services for you!

CareConnectPSS is designed to support each patient’s unique journey to help you overcome challenges related to living with a rare disease.

Your CareConnectPSS team includes Case Managers and Patient Education Liaisons who are dedicated to providing one-on-one assistance.

Our range of support to help you manage living with a rare disease

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Disease-specific information, including genetic education and other resources
Care coordination for treatment-site changes, home infusions, moves, vacations, and more
Assistance with understanding new or changing insurance as well as resources to help with out of pocket costs
Programs and other offerings on a range of disease, treatment, and support topics
Dedicated CareConnectPSS Case Managers and Patient Education Liaisons

Meet your CareConnectPSS team

CareConnectPSS Case Managers

Your CareConnectPSS Case Manager can provide assistance with health
insurance coverage, treatment planning, and care coordination. They will partner with
your health care providers regarding your treatment to help manage changes
related to your treatment location if you are moving, going on
vacation, or getting home infusions. Your Case Manager
can also assist with insurance matters related to
changes in employment, marital, or dependency
status, or if you now qualify for Medicare,
Medicaid, or other insurance options.

CareConnectPSS Patient Education Liaisons

Your CareConnectPSS Patient Education
Liaison will have a background in either
genetic counseling or nursing. They
can provide disease and
treatment education on topics such as
genetic inheritance and family testing,
as well as provide in-person disease
education through group meetings or
one-on-one sessions.

Questions about insurance,
treatment locations, or disease
inheritance? Whether your needs are
large or small, your CareConnectPSS
team will work closely with you. To
get started, call us today.
Call or email a CareConnectPSS team member with questions

Please call 1-800-745-4447 and
select Option 3.

Educational resources & more

Learning opportunities and other support offerings

Through CareConnectPSS, you can access a range of programs and other support offerings to address your individual needs. Your CareConnectPSS Case Manager or Patient Education Liaison can help facilitate in-person educational meetings on a wide variety of topics related to living with a rare disease and coordinate specialized support through our additional offerings. Examples of these offerings include:

Perspectives offers meetings and group discussions related to living with a chronic illness

Shared learning experiences:

Additional support and patient education are available through unique forums where patients and families learn from one another. Perspectives offers various in-person meetings and group discussions related to living with a chronic illness, where you can learn tips to help you better manage everyday challenges of your disease.

Journey Ahead provides resources for young adults

Resources for young adults:

For younger patients ages 16 to 26, we provide specialized confidential support through the Journey Ahead resource to help empower them to take charge of their health and make informed health care decisions.

Call or email a CareConnectPSS team member with questions

Text and email updates:

Information about your particular disease and/or treatment may be available via monthly emails or periodic mobile text messages.

Contact your CareConnectPSS Case Manager to learn more about these offerings

For any questions or concerns, or to report side effects with a Sanofi Genzyme product while enrolled in CareConnectPSS, please contact 1-800-745-4447 Option 3.